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About ME

Six years ago I shifted gears in my career and decided to pursue my passion in life. I knew I did not want to work behind the desk and I needed to be out meeting people and being creative. I’ve always had a passion for makeup and hair, so six years ago I made the decision to pursue a career in the beauty industry. My career started at Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers, in which my training prepared me to attain my cosmetology license. My training also  gave me the confidence to start working within the industry immediately after graduation.

Since then I have worked  several years at high end salons in which I  developed my hairstyling skills of creating luxurious Up-dos. Continuously training in the field has also allowed me provide my clients with a variety of classic and trending styles. One of the many skills I take great pride in is my ability to understand my clients’ needs. While honing my skills as a Hairstylist, I was additionally learning makeup artistry techniques – eventually perfecting the smoky eye look and developing a well-rounded set of routine skincare tips to provide brides with before their wedding day.

While working at  high end salons, I was also working for cosmetic artistry lines such as Laura Mercier, Nars, Smashbox and MAC which has provided me with invaluable training which has now led her to become the Make-Up Artist I am today. Further, collaborating in such events as New York Fashion Week (NYFW) and NYBW as well as film productions and fashion shoots has allowed me to develop the ability to handle any task at hand, making me a multifaceted artist all around.

Focusing on skin prepping is my signature trademark . I further believe that the most important aspect of makeup application is creating a smooth, glowing canvas. My goal is to show every client how to achieve their best skin, not just for the day of his/her event, but every day. My mission is to not only enhance women’s beauty but to also deliver the highest standards of service and educate my client on how to achieve the same results at home. Its much, much more than just hair and makeup. It’s about making a connection and leaving a long lasting impression.

*Please use the ‘Booking’ tab for a complimentary personalized product recommendations. Please specify  what your concerns are and I will assist you with choosing the correct products based on your concerns,  skin type, lifestyle and budget. All products that I am affiliated with are oil free and non-comedogenic.

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