Stumped on Wedding Day Makeup Looks?

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed with makeup looks nowadays. With social media being flooded with so many choices, you may wonder how can you narrow down your options for that big day.

Firstly, always stick to looks you are comfortable with. This is not the day to be adventurous and try a look that may be a bit over the top for your personality. Choosing a look like this will take to focus of the wedding as your guests will be distracted by your extreme change.


I personally believe neutral colors are the way to go with eyes. They tend to be universally flattering and they photograph really well. Again, you want to be the focus of your wedding day, and not a very heavy smokey eye.

Keep it simple!

Research your options and narrow them down to your top 3 by the time you meet with your makeup artist for a pre wedding trial. This will ensure the look you have in mind translates perfectly!



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