To Vlog or Not To Vlog

So I recently met with a talent agent within my industry. He suggested that I start doing video tutorials/video blogging. Now this sounds like a great idea except I can’t stand hearing or seeing myself in videos. Any vloggers out there with any suggestions on getting over hearing/seeing yourself? Anyways, I attempted a video tutorial […]

Kicking it at Full Force

Nothing wrong with a little down time. Had an amazing week doing unconventional things ppl do on vacation. There wasn’t a beach or a frozen mix drink, rather there were mountains and plenty of outdoor activities. Sometimes sitting by the beach can be overrated. Maybe… Anyways, back in the swing of things full force! Booked […]

Bridal Season

For my fellow makeup artists/ hair stylists out there that do “Bridal” you all know by now that “Bridal Season” is in full effect. The books are filling up quickly!! Anyone interested in booking their wedding hair and makeup with an awesome hair and makeup team, look no further. Please contact us via our “Bookings” […]