Never Forget….

Today will forever be a day in which that eerie feeling returns to us. The day a genocide was committed against so many innocent people.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was 18 and was driving south on the NYS Thruway when I got a call from my best friend saying that one of the twin towers was on fire. At this point I didn’t think anything of it. I figured it was an accident and the fire dept. would have the fire out immediately.

It wasn’t until I arrived to my college that morning that I understood the gravity of the situation. It was at that point that I panicked. Everyone at school including teachers, staff, deans were hysterically crying.

My dad travelled daily to that area of the city via the PATH and the phone lines were not working at this point. I guess from the overwhelming amount if people trying to reach out to their loved ones all at once. I knew my dad was on that train around the time the tower was hit.

Luckily for my dad, he had already made it to his office that day by the time the first tower was hit. My dad worked for the MTA and he was one of the many that worked day and night the days post 911.

This day has changed all of our lives, and I feel that it’s very important to remind the younger generations of how this day changed our country and remind them of the importance of not forgetting the people that were not as lucky as my father that day.


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