Business Opportunities

I often get approached about new business opportunities because of the business that I am in. As a makeup artist, there are many different ways to expand upon our business in order to earn an extra stream of income. A year ago I was introduced to Motives Cosmetics/ whose parent company is Market America.

After extensive training and time invested in learning about
Market America, I know for a fact that I have found the right business opportunity to compliment my profession in the beauty industry. What’s amazing about this company, is that they offers so many different avenues to earn from and offer over 35k products through which they acquired not too long ago.

This company is all about one to one marketing, and social media marketing. As they do not spend money in very expensive marketing campaigns, they are able to offer their business owners commissions in addition to retail profits. What’s amazing about is that your customers can shop for any of the 35k products that Market America has to offer, which I must say, I haven’t met a product I did not like.

If your customer does not want to shop for any of the Market America branded products, you can simply send them to shop at the thousands of partner stores they know and love and are already shopping at and not receiving cashback for shopping at them.

So offers everything under the sun, literally. Do you know of a website called AMAZON? So is very similar with similar technology.

This site is a comparison shopping site, which means they will offer you several seller options and pricing for an item you want to buy. Instead of going directly to that seller, such as Victoria, you would register a free account with and you will then be redirected to Victoria Secret. will then issue you a cashback for shopping through the site. The seller pays for directing traffic to their site. Pretty genius!

In addition to having access to sending your clients to, you are also given 5 other mini websites. One that I actively use is my site that will send my customers directly to Motives Cosmetics. If my customer is just interested in makeup, I don’t want to overwhelm them with thousands of products. This is why as a business owner you are given 5 mini websites, which a maintained by Market America. So I never have to worry about updating or maintenance on any of my sites.

Anyways, the point of my long blog is, I am absolutely fascinated with internet shopping/marketing/sales. I had initially been seeking to start my own online business, and luckily I was introduced to America that has the billion dollar technology built in to their systems, the products and the array of options to offer to customers. Until someone can show me something better than this, there is no way I’m moving from where I am!


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