Resolutions, Shmersolutions

I think it’s safe to say that every year, we all make promises to ourselves to be a better person, make more money, be more motivated, lose some weight, vacation more, spend more time w friends/family etc. These are all great things to aspire to do, however sometimes we over do it and then follow through with none of the promises we’ve made to ourselves.

This is definitely what happens to me every year I make New Years Resolutions, and all I’m left with is that guilty feeling of unaccomplished regret.

Why, why must we do this to ourselves!!

So, what I plan on doing this year is to put the kibosh on this whole New Years Resolution thing and focus on the positive things I have accomplished. I am a true believer that when you focus on your positive qualities, all of the other things will follow. I feel like New Years Resolutions are meant to focus on what your down falls are. We all have them and need work on them, however, do you really want to spend your time focused on your pitfalls or on your strengths??

Work with what you’ve got!! #byebye New Years Resolutions!

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