Holiday Makeup

The holidays are a great time to be a little bit bold and more adventurous with you makeup selections. I think this time of year is a great time to introduce a red lipstick in to your life, Especially if you are one to fear a bold lip.

You can always start w a red that has a bit more maroon or brown undertone and work your way up to a brighter bolder red, like MAC’s “Ruby Woo” or “Russian Red”.

Another great way to introduce a bolder color is to start off with a sheer lipstick. This will provide you with the red tone you’re seeking without it being overpowering. Once you get more comfortable with that tone, you can slowly transition to a satin finish and then matte, which will be the boldest and longest lasting of all finishes.

This is an example of what your your bold red lip will look like. This color is by NARS “Dragon Girl”. It’s actually one of the most popular reds out there, because it’s complimentary on most skin types.


To ease you in to the bold “Dragon Girl” this color below is also a Nars color. This one is called “Autumn Leaves”. This lipstick has a bit of an orangey undertone as I was explaining earlier. The orangey/brown undertone will help diffuse the brightness of a typical red lipstick. Temptalia has a wonderful write up explaining this lip color. Go ahead and click on the link to find out more about it.


Lucy’s Red Lipstick Bootcamp:

1st week, start off with your sheer lipstick. Wear it daily for three days, Then on the 4th day add lip liner to define the lip and fill in the lip w the liner then apply your lip color. This will make the sheet color a slightly bit bolder than the lipstick alone.

2nd week, line your lips and fill in your lips completely. Go ahead and apply your sheer lipstick, but then mix that with your bold red.

3rd week, by this week you should be comfortable with wearing this bold red lip on its own. Line you lips to prevent feathering. Filling in will not be necessary as this lip color is matte and highly pigmented.

Try this out and I’m sure you’ll be ready for that bold color by Christmas!

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